March 8th will forever be our 2nd birthday, the day we re-opened in our new home and the day we as a swim school kicked COVID's butt.

Miss Billy-May was the first student to swim at Bubble 'n' Kick 2.0 with Instructor Paul, not missing a beat and impressing everyone with how much she remembered!

To welcome many familar faces with new additions who have followed our journey from Technology Drive, and who shared our excitement to finally be running swimming lessons is something I will never forget. Whilst I was caught up on hiccups like only having one pool for our first two weeks, that our internal amenties were taking longer than planned to complete, or that our phones still haven't been hooked up, our families have returned with excitment of what's to come, the improvements in bigger lesson pools and better design and relief at the fact that our instructors are back in the water with their kids.

Now at 11 days open, our second pool's deck is almost complete, our bathrooms are underway and our phones will finally be online as of the 25th March. Google now shows that we are at Forest Glen and our coffee machine is days away from being hooked up.

We are still a work in progress, we will have phase 1 finished soon and will be able to start on the following two phases in the coming months, but we are open, we are swimming again; WE DID IT!!

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