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Empowering our community through water

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Our Mission

A summer without drowning. 

It's a dream that unites Australians; a goal strived for by all members and providers in the Aquatics Industry.

Drowning does not discriminate, so neither should aquatic education.

Our mission is to nurture the curiosity of water into a passion enjoyed throughout one’s lifetime; a passion made accessible to everyone, regardless of age, ability or disability.


Our mission is to provide the highest standard of learn to swim and water safety education that is personalised, inclusive, safe, progressive, and fun!


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Learn to Swim Program

(4 Months- 2 Years)

Our baby classes focus solely on water familiarisation and water safety skills, building water confidence and fundamental swimming skills to ultimately progress into independent lessons.

These lessons are great for bonding between parent and child, improve gross motor skills and coordination development, and provide opportunity for social interaction with other children of similar ages.

Classes in Waterbabies, Aquatots and Jellyfish levels are capped at 4 students per class.

Learn to Swim Program

We encourage independence in swimming lessons between 2-2.5 years, matching the student's increasing confidence and competence in water safety skills to further develop their swimming fundamentals.

Students following our program move into stroke development levels around 3.5 years, building swim fitness, coordination, and stroke proficiency across three levels.

Our students who meet the milestones of each of the levels achieve the National Benchmarks of Swimming and Water Safety, set for Grade 4 (8-9 years), BEFORE they start PREP!

Classes in Squid to Turtle levels are capped at 3 students per class.

Transition Program

Once students progress to the higher levels of our Learn to Swim Program, our final stage is the Transition Program.

This program graduates students from the lesson pools and out to our 22m lap pool to challenge their fundamental stroke techniques over greater time and distance, building endurance and swim fitness.

Once students complete our Transition Program they officially graduate our Learn to Swim Program.

Sessions in the Transition Program are capped at 8 students per instructor/coach.


Aquatic Adventurers Program

Our Aquatic Adventurers program is designed to provide students with the practical application of Water Safety Skills under experienced supervision of our senior instructors.


This program visits different local Sunshine Coast locations teaching our students about the varying conditions and potential hazards of different environments, how to identify them, how to keep calm, and how to avoid or deal with them, but in a fun atmosphere.


By teaching this information and practicing these skills whilst they are young, we create teenagers and young adults capable of dealing with open water situations and ultimately creating a water safe community.


Development Squad

Bubble ‘n’ Kick Swim School maintains a strong value ‘there’s more to swimming than racing’. Our Development Squad program provides students with the opportunity to pursue swimming purely for physical activity and as a social outlet.


Students are challenged in different aspects such as distance, speed, coordination and strength, however are not extensively pushed or criticed to reached the specific benchmarks of the competitive sector.


As a result, students are equipped with well-rounded stroke technique, water safety and survival skills, and swim fitness to pursue any aquatic sport, hobby or activity they take interest in.

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How to Find Us

4/ 5 Cedarbrook Drive
Forest Glen 4556 QLD
Contact Details:
Ph: 0431 292 881
Open Hours:
Mon- Fri: 7am- 6pm
Sat- Sun: 7am- 12pm
*Please note open hours are subject to lesson bookings and may change accordingly

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