Frequently Asked Questions?

How long will take for my child to learn to swim?

This is a tricky question to answer, because there are so many variables that will affect how quickly each child will learn to swim.

  • Does your child swim all year round, or just in the warmer months?

  • Does your child swim at least once a week?

  • Does your child spend a lot of time in the water with older/more proficient swimmers?

  • Has your child experienced a fright or scare in the water?

  • What is your definition of "able to swim"? Do you want them happy, confident, able to save themselves and enjoy water play, or are we going to the next Olympics?

All of these questions are just some of the factors that need to be considered when determining how long it will take your child to learn to swim. Ultimately, the more consistent practice they get, that is a positive experience with regular correction the sooner they will learn to swim.

When should my child start swimming lessons?

The recommended age to start formal swimming lessons is 4-6months, where the infant has developed adequate head control, has allowed a medical history to develop, and allowed bonding time with the primary caregiver/s. Starting now provides the child opportunities for free movement than on land, for initial problem solving skills, for bonding and social interaction, and for water familiarisation.

In saying that, late is better than NEVER! All students that under two years will be assessed on enrolment and placed in the appropriate Aquatot or Jellyfish level where a parent or cargiver will be required to get in the water. New students over two years will be start with an 15-minute assessment to establish the most appropriate level for their ability and confidence, rather than their age.

What if we can't make it to a lesson? Do you do make-ups?

We understand life happens, whether that be sickness, holidays or flat tyres. All we ask is that we receive a minimum two hours notice that your child/ren will be absent and you will receive a make-up class. Notice can be given via phone, voice message, email or inbox to our Facebook page.

There is no limit to how may make-ups you can incur, we just asked that they are booked by the end of the same term. Make-up lessons can be used in learn-to-swim, or for our older students to trial Aquatic Adventurers or Development Squad before transitioning.

Do we swim through school holidays?

We swim all year round, split into 4 13 week terms so it is not "an infinity" of lessons. With our all indoor facility and heated salt-water pools swimming year round is a breeze,

We do close for two weeks over Christmas/New Year, the Easter long weekend and all the QLD Public Holidays. If your regular lesson falls on these days you will receive a make-up lesson to use when better suits you.

We encourage School Holiday Intensives for students not going away, to make the most of extra time to revise and concrete skills and techniques they've been practicing through the term; current student discounts available on Intensive Weeks.

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